Getting out of the political haze

Getting out of the political haze

When it comes to politics it is hard for people to rationally consider all the options. Bene has a post that documents what I’m talking about. Even those who might change their political allegiances from election to election have difficulty seeing past their bias.

After I received a 100% score for Liberal policy on an Internet quiz I asked myself how my opinion might have changed if Harper came up with a given policy rather than the Liberals. If Harper came out with the hand gun ban and I probably would have liked the idea a lot less. Because the guys I had some sort of affinity for were behind the plan I thought it was merely a non-issue. Without realizing it we do this.

I think Christians get so caught up in to a us/them mentality over issues like abortion and gay marriage that it completely clouds their perception. They will support someone and ignore their abundant short comings just because they are pro-life. If they are pro-life then their rivals must be the godless, sleazy, left-wingers. Without a shred of critical thinking assume that anything negative said about this person comes from a media bias. Everything is viewed through a combative rather than rational lens.

Politicians like to use hot button issues to scare us in to their camp. I watched in disgust as Paul Martin attempted to label all those opposed to abortion uncanadian late in the campaign. The Liberals were desperate and wanted a wedge issue to divide the public and move the majority of the electorate to their side.

We become the big losers because we starting acting out of fear. It is our ignorance that forces politicians to play these games, to sway us with disingenuous inflammatory rhetoric. These games have been going on so long the two sides barely understand each other’s base.

The website’s front page talked about suppressing minority (gay/lesbian) and women’s rights. Both are arguably true if you take the left wing skew on things. It is a nasty way of saying your pro-life and anti-same sex marriage. This kind of message and rhetoric might motivate the left-wing base but it would completely turn off a typical Conservative voter.

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