Vellacott plans civil action against

Vellacott plans civil action against

In a press release issued 2 days ago Vellacott announced that the VoteOutVellacott website was defamatory and it’s creator will be prosecuted.

After taking a good like at the allegations he takes exception with I’m not sure he has much of a case. Almost every point in the website is taken from the media sources that have been quoted.

Here is what Vellacott considers to be defamatory.

1st Example

“has a history of trying to intimidate and strong-arm his political opponents. It seems he spent his Christmas break this year trying to intimidate a Christian Heritage Party candidate into not running against him;”

The quoted source states

“A candidate in the Saskatoon-Wanuskewin constituency believes he’s the target of strong-arm tactics after receiving phone calls from prominent Conservatives.

The first one came from Conservative incumbent Maurice Vellacott .

“He was trying to intimidate me a little bit and he was trying to, I would say, give me a little bit of a guilt trip for (running),” Dale Sanders, the Christian Heritage Party candidate, said of the phone conversation he had with Vellacott on Dec. 29.”

2nd Example

“in the 2000 election ‘squashed a nomination challenge through decidedly undemocratic means;'”

The quoted source states

“They railwayed me out of it, it’s as simple as that,’’ said Chuback, who is so angry with the CA he’s supporting Liberal candidate Bill Patrick in the Nov. 27 federal election.

‘I’m young and good looking and I went into that meeting (with the nomination committee) and I could tell they were in awe. I thought I was going to get a shot at it. But I didn’t because he (Vellacott) was scared he was going to lose. His flunkies backed him.’’

A senior party official accused Vellacott of taking the low road to win the nomination.”

3rd Example

“attempts to undermine a Reform candidate contesting a by-election because he didn’t share the same religious beliefs as Vellacott;”

The quoted source stated

“It isn’t the first time the MP has been accused of meddling in the democratic process. Last year, the executive council of the Reform party — the predecessor of the CA — issued a severe reprimand to Vellacott for allowing his executive assistant to publicly discredit the nomination of byelection candidate Jim McAllister, according documents obtained by The StarPhoenix.”

4th Example

“committed “political mail-fraud [that] cost you thousands of dollars;”

The quoted source states

“Party member Tom Ballantyne, who backs Harper, said party politics has nothing to do with it. He said it’s

a matter of right and wrong.

‘It bothers me that he is using the taxpayers’ mailing system to do this. If an MP wants to back an individual and speak on their behalf, OK. …

Franking is a term used for mail sent through the government system on an MP’s expense account regarding constituent business and stamped with the MP’s name. The letters sent by Vellacott are clearly marked as coming from the House of Commons.

Arnold Murphy, who works in Prince Albert CA MP Brian Fitzpatrick’s office, has received a handful of complaints about the mailings and explained that MPs must be careful about what is in the letters.

‘It can question things, criticize the government and raise various issues but it can’t be a campaign for someone,’ he said.”

5th Example

“decided to pocket the allowance that MPs are given to rent accommodations in Ottawa;”

The quoted source states

“Luckily, the Reform MP for Wanuskewin didn’t have to travel far to get some shut eye. His bed, a scant two feet from his desk, folds to a couch during daylight hours.

“It might sound a little strange but having a hide-a-bed in my office works out well,’’ says the slim, bearded Vellacott. “It’s really all I need; it’s quite comfortable.’’

With options of renting accommodation, staying in a hotel or bunking down in his office, Vellacott chose the latter. A recent change in the House of Commons rules allows for members to stay overnight in their office quarters. Few members take advantage of the option, preferring to rent an apartment or stay in nearby hotels.”

6th Example

“tried ‘to stop a 13-year-old child from getting potentially life-saving cancer treatments.'”

The quoted source states

“Vicki Pelletier brought her three children to the rally to show support for parents’ rights. She is galled that government would force intrusive medical care on Tyrell Dueck.

‘It doesn’t seem right. It made me mad. It made me really angry. That’s wrong,’ she said.

Reform MP Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) agreed, saying that ‘the care of children is the domain of families and that parents must have full responsibility in Canadian society to nurture and provide for children.”

Examples 1, 2, 4 and 5 seem to communicate something very similar to the quoted source. I’m not sure Vellacott’s government mailings to support Stockwell Day in the Conservative Party leadership campaign constitutes “mail-fraud” but I considered it unethical.

The quoted source for example 3 doesn’t mention anything about anyone’s religion.

I think Vellacott has a legimitate beef with example 6. It should state something like “supported a family that refused life saving medical treatment for their son.”

  1. #1 by gil on January 23, 2006 - 2:06 pm

    I have ofen thoguht, ‘what if all i have said had been recorded?’

    I know there would be contradictions and mis-communications. Politics is an ugly game and the media distorts it very well.

  2. #2 by Moose on January 23, 2006 - 9:04 pm

    Too bad I am not in his riding…I’d vote for him 🙂 -Moose

  3. #3 by Joel Schroeder on January 25, 2006 - 9:09 am

    Back when I was a student at Bethany and Maurice Vellacot was my prof, I thought it would a great thing to have a Christian rep for the area. Little did I know this is what I would see from him 10 years later. It’s pretty sad, and it does nothing to bolster the view of Christians in the Worlds eyes. I guess power is the ultimate corrupter.

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