2005 through the rear view mirror

The year in review

I don’t think I could have anticipated how much my life would change in one year. I watched roomates move on and out of a house we shared for several years. I flew too Australia and had a great time with Phil and Dan. Not long after I got back I was engaged and 4 months later I was married. Now I’m a dad with two great sons who breathe a whole new kind of life in to me. Christmas was fantastic and it hasn’t quite ended yet. I’ve been part of house church for well over a year now and that has been really good.

I’ve changed in some ways. Not that I’m actually involved in an alternative form of church I’ve found that much of church isn’t the method but our heart and our willingness to follow Jesus. I’ve grown significantly distant from the Emerging Church conversation. So much of the talk and the theory bears little relevance to the reality of my experience. I think most of the movement’s critics over generalize and invoke inflammatory language which obscures what is truly valuable in their message.

I’m tired of the fighting. I’m tried of the hypocrisy.

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