Forgiveness: A blessed gift

Forgiveness: A blessed gift

Sometimes when people hurt you it has a way of digging deep in to heart. You don’t know it is there until something else reminds you of the hurt and everything floods back to the surface. In my mind I’d go through all of the things I’d say to so and so. Some people choose the passive aggressive route. They are too afraid to confront directly but behind the scenes they plot and they scheme doing things with just enough plausible deniablity to rationalize and justify their own behavior. Not my style but I see it happen.

Like many others I’ve been hurt over the years but more and more I’m finding a great strategy to overcome such pain. Forgiveness. Anger and bitterness hang like a albatross on our necks sapping our life and love transforming us in to people we would rather not be. For some this bitterness only drives to continue the cycle of hurt and pain as people pay it forward.

Our first internal objection to forgiveness is the need for justice. If I forgive so and so I’m letting them get away with what they have done to me. I disagree with that. God will judge people and that kind of judgement is too much for a victim to bear. It puts us in a place where the memory of our victimization only serves to make us victims once again. We become trapped in it. Eventually this trap begins to change how we see the world and we become oversenstive so that even friendly gestures can be interpreted as another attack.

I ask God to help me forgive. I become to tired to carry the pain and I want to release it and accept God’s comfort and grace. I don’t care if my adversary is properly punished I leave that to God as He has a much better grasp of the situation anyway. I feel the burden lift as the Spirit of God raises my eyes. Thank you God for enabling me to forgive. Help me to let you in deeper to my heart too root out all the bitterness and anger.

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