Is there a better way of gathering?

Is there a better way of gathering?

Mark Trew writes

As for worship, the important questions in creating a worship formal or a ministry format are:

1. What is the church supposed to accomplish?

2. What is the best way to accoplish that in a community?

I think that it is a worth while question to ask, “Is there a better way of gathering as a community in order to disciple effectively?”

My comment was

I think that the church gathers to prepare and equip itself to accomplish the purposes of God in this world. If Israel existed to be a light to the nations I can probably safely say the church exists in the same role. It seems the church is the natural extension to God’s strategy. God’s purposes in the world are numerous and I probably wouldn’t be able to nail them in a sentence or two. Here are a few broad thoughts. We are called to become agents of reconciliation in the world. Ambassadors of our Lord. Compassionate and loving pursuing justice for the poor and oppressed. Church as it is often done today has become more of an end than a means to God’s purposes. The “missional” focus that is croping up is a correction but I don’t think it captures it all.

The current obsession with worship is an over correction to stale lifeless evangelicalism. Yes we want to have an initimate spiritual relationship but we also need a transformative experience that prepares us for a greater purpose than ourselves.

If we are talking about church forms and methods we need to be honest about how disciples are truly made, how justice is actually delivered, how people are truly transformed.

  1. #1 by Paul Johnston on December 17, 2005 - 2:16 pm

    A very thoughtful and provocative post, Leighton.

    Is it possible that an intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus is the transformative experience that prepares us for something other than ourselves?

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