Politics, Governance and Competence

Politics, Governance and Competence

Tonight I spent some time setting up the network for the campaign office. Everything is hooked up and ready to go. When Chris and Ryan got back from a meeting I had an opportunity to chat with Chris about the recent health care flip flop. Although I’m still not convinced it was a technical flip flop but anyways. We had a great conversation about health care, the relationship of the federal government with the provinces, and the constitution. It’s one thing to sit and chat about this stuff with your buddies, it is quite another to talk with someone with so much real experience. It is absolutely fascinating and Chris is upfront and honest with me. There is truth to our campaign slogan – An MP who can get things done”. Chris Axworthy is the most experienced, respected and competent person running in this riding and it would be a shame if we lost.

There are two sides to any government. The political side and the governance side. Pierre Pettigrew was bluntly honest and precise about the need to allow the provinces to innovate in the area of health care while still abiding to the Canada health act. He was slammed for it because good governance is often bad politics. Canada is a lot like the Canuck fans who were the last to realize Kirk MacLean wasn’t a top notch goalie anymore. Our health care system is fundamnetally broken but we still think it is the best in the world. After watching a family member suffer for years wading through our public system I’ve become convinced that something is deeply wrong. Our health care system needs to change, and not all change leads us down the mythical slippery slope to a US system. The problem is changing health care is political suicide even though it is good governance.

  1. #1 by Lyle McRae on April 30, 2004 - 3:54 pm

    I had always thought that our medicare system needed to create a little more accountability in it. I would be interested to see the average use per person in Canada versus US.

    Since I now live in the US, I have Insurance. I felt that the Insurance companies try to get us to not abuse the system by using copay to deter us. (For example, I won’t go to the doctor just for a common cold, unless it becomes unmanageable).

    The government could slap a 15$ copay per visit(with a 200$ cap per year). This would create a new revenue stream, but it would deter people from abusing the system.

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