Stanley Hauerwas is smarter than me

Stanley Hauerwas is smarter than me

On Thursday and Friday I was in Regina to see Stanley present in this year’s Luther Lecture.  Jordon and I managed to navigate Regina despite is deficient road signage and the failings of my mapping software.

Both lectures I attended were very good.  You can tell someone is really smart when they talk competently about areas of your expertise and you find yourself in intrigued by what they say.  When they speak of things you have very little understanding in you are just trying to grasp what they are getting at.  When Stanley talked about rescuing the bible from the individual and yet avoiding hierarchy I had a good idea of what he was talking about.  He even called himself a high church Anabaptist.  There were several other issues in which I found myself in intrigued but would have need more explanation to really understand what he was getting at.


I really liked Hauerwas because he plotted an ethical course far from the traps of protestant liberalism and fundamentalist evangelicalism.  I took great joy in hearing him slam both sides with equal vigour.  He called right wing evangelicalism an idolatrous and truncated religion made in an effort to make sense of America’s moral and civil religion.  He predicted the demise of the Protestant church and identified pluralism and tolerance as language of power and control. 

  1. #1 by Gil on September 26, 2005 - 7:32 am

    Stanley Hauerwas is smarter than me too. I like the way he manages to defy categorization and make all Christians just a little uncomfortable.

  2. #2 by Lee Harding on September 28, 2005 - 12:28 am

    This guy sounds interesting, but I’m not necessarily in his corner. I doubt the Protestant Church will die.

    Interesting how LUTHER college invites people to lecture who predict the demise of the Protestant church. Another year, I overheard one of their special lecturers say the best unifying cross-cultural force in the world was “fundamentalist Christianity–unfortunately.”

    Unfortunately?! And Luther invited you?!

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