Well Darryl I'm kinda in transition

Well Darryl I’m kinda in transition

My friend Darryl Dash is curious to know why I haven’t been posting.
The easy answer is that I’m busy.  Too busy to remind Darryl that
Paul Martin
seems to be getting his act together while Harper is dying a slow death
from a
thousand cuts.  

I’m enjoying many aspects of married life but at times it is a difficult
transition.  I was single for a long time
and it can be difficult rearranging my life around a handful of other
priorities.  Many people ask me how the
kids are adjusting.  They are fine.  Both of my new boys really love me like I was
their original dad.  The adjustment to
marriage is more difficult than fatherhood but things are going well.  I love my wife more and more each day.

One of the hardest parts of the transition has been missing my old friends and roommates.  Mark Trew is in El
Salvador and he is one of the best heart to
heart kind of friends a guy could have. 
I’m not living with my roommates anymore and the last one just moved out
from our old place.  The landlords are
giving the place quite the overall.  I
hope I can convince some cool people to move in and be our neighbours. 

Although house church keeps on going well, and I still like it a lot
more than
regular church I’ve been feeling very pessimistic about the church in
general.  I keep looking at the trends and the warning
signs.  The church is just about as
prepared for the next 20 years as New Orleans
was ready for Katrina.  In New Orleans the people that mattered
didn’t want to act on
what they knew about those levees.  In
the church it is the same.  We comfort
ourselves with what Jesus said about hades not prevailing against the
while ignoring what happened in North Africa, the dark
ages or modern day Europe. 

Deep down I doubt whether people will risk their careers or their income to
make real change happen.  I’m saddened by
each example of selfishness that I come across.  I’m saddened that Christianity has been
redefined in such away that there is no expectation that a follower of Christ
would be more loving, patient, peaceful or joyful. 

Some folks from MCC Saskatchewan spoke in chapel today at Bethany.  I think I’m going to walk down to their
office and see how I can volunteer in the city. 
Maybe I’ll be “missional” after all. 
I’m not sure my last post really captured how I feel about all that
stuff.  I’m just tired of people talking
about how they know what most churches should be like.  I think the real hard work wouldn’t be to
follow a trend or copy someone else’s ideas but to honestly and prayerfully
work things out.  Learn as you go.  Listen to others and not just absorb the
information transfer from the superstars. 
For all the talk about church I still think the bible is a vast untapped
resource the church is ignoring.  If we
could just get ourselves to the place where we actually listen to scripture
rather than getting it to say what we want it to say. 

Enough rambling

  1. #1 by Darryl on September 22, 2005 - 5:21 am

    After your political jab (who is Stephen Harper again? I’m starting to forget) I got a glimpse of your new life. Even good transitions can be stressful ones.

    I think you’ve also hinted at the heart of what’s needed in the church. Much more than a new model or whatever is exactly what you’ve described: confronting reality and honestly and prayerfully work things out. Good “rambling” as you called it.

  2. #2 by Randall on September 22, 2005 - 8:10 am

    Hey LT,

    Thanks for the update.

    I’m sending up a few for you these days.

  3. #3 by Markio on September 22, 2005 - 4:10 pm

    I miss you too buddy. You have no idea how much I would give just to sit down for lunch with you in Fudds just for one hour. I don’t think that we could condense things to one hour but it would be good.

    I totally understand the struggle of losing the men in your life. Having a wife is a blessing that I couldn’t imagine before but having men in your life to share your life with is something that is equally unique and necessary for both the married and the unmarried man alike.

  4. #4 by Keith on September 22, 2005 - 7:42 pm

    Hey LT ! Wow man True Harper is not the ideal poster-boy for the Conservatives he’s smart enough and addresses some good issues from time to time but he has about as much charisma as a nail in your foot. I really appreaciate your insights into the direction of our church. Honestly I can’t say I’ve been impressed with all the theatrics of the modern church it’s like power point no-one has to think anymore and trivial issues such as “should I use a burgundy or a tan for the background?” or looking for the perfect clip art are more important. What the loose in the mass congregation they try to make up in small groups where we are more or less thrust into a dull redundant video series or lesson plan with the questions and comments all at appropriate intervals…it’s as though the leaders of the church (I’m not just talking pastors here…I mean the people who know Christ)have just put the church on auto pilot and are waiting for unprepared followers to do the work. True God is in control but something dosen’t feel right. I will say that I have been really surprised by the movement within the youth today… at the youth group I’ve been volunteering at Christ is moving kids are coming to Christ every week and the youth are responsible for a large part of missions in ways I’ve never seen before… I wish we all would stop working as though we are working for the world and start working for the Kingdom of Heaven where Chist is seated at the right hand of God. since after all we died and are made new we owe everthing we have to God why not give it back moment by moment and live as we already know we ought…I say these words to myslef as well for I know I constantly fall short of the glory of God, and therefore sing with joy for the grace He has so given. I think that the church today needs to take a long look at Jesus so that others can look on us and see Christ, and not just another version of themselves.

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