Being missional and other house church reflections

Being missional and other house church reflections

I don’t think being missional is the answer. At least it isn’t the only answer.  We are coming up on a year as
a house church and I must admit we really haven’t done any corporate
“missional” activity.  It isn’t that I or the rest of the group
don’t believe in mission.  The make up of the house church made it
very necessary to just spend time together recovering.  There were
some people in the group who were still sorting out what they believed
in the aftermath of their life experiences.

honestly believe that each leader or leadership group in a local church
should work out what is best for their church at their
time.   We shouldn’t follow any fad or trendy theology with
out thinking it through thoroughly.  At this point one of my
personal goals is to figure out how to do church right here with little
or no resources. 

There is a real need to figure out how
to do function as a church with little or no finances.   The
church is alive financially because medical science has lengthened our
life span.  When all those generous seniors move on to glory there
is going to be a huge shortage of money in the church. 

One of the most expensive things is helping people mature in
their walk with God.  Right now the church has largely abandoned
effective teaching.  We rely far too much on the free market for
the distribution of music, teaching and other resources.  I’d like
to see internet technology evolve to the point where we efficiently
transfer resources and work collaboratively.  We need the church
equivalent to sourceforge

really do need to recover the idea of the priesthood of all
believers.  Everyone should be a real functioning part of the
church with a sense of responsibility and ownership.  Leaders
should be servants that set the stage for the “body” to function as it
should.  Allow people the room to grow and reach maturity and then
bless them to do what they couldn’t do before.  For the church to
survive the next 50 years its going to have to learn how to let people
find their role in the body.

  1. #1 by Moose on September 21, 2005 - 10:42 am

    Wow…Amen and Amen brother. I totally agree with everything you said bro. Yes I believe that recovering the idea of priesthood as believers is key to church survival. The days of sitting back in the pew and letting one person do all the work, or one person (ie. a pastor) effectively locking a church out of ministry are indeed over. I think we are seeing that most dead and dying churches still follow this old model doggardly. Church is going less mainstream to grassroots it would seem. I agree too with the lack of resources issue. Needy people have needs. I do believe that outreach is also key to the church’s survival, whatever shape that takes. No new people, no new church, but you are right, the church as a whole seems to be in healing mode right now or as one pastor put it the waiting room. Good Word LT. Bless ya brother. -Moose

    b.t.w. Call me sometime. I really would love to get together with ya for coffee…

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