Reflections on the Mac/PC debate

Reflections on the Mac/PC debate

I have a confession to make.  The source of my emotional bias against Apple stems more from Mac users than the software or hardware.  I’ve endured one too many diatribes from self-righteous digital media barons of all stripes telling me how superior their computer is.  I find them very very annoying.  Especially the ones that really don’t know what they are talking about.

With my computer I care more about value and productivity than I do about style or cute little animations.  I’ll admit that your standard WinXP style is dang ugly and I switched all my machines back to classic mode.

I’m not really sure what more I’d want my computer to do.  Once we got to Win2k I was pretty happy.  I got an OS that didn’t crash unless I did something dumb with it. 

In response to my latest post some people didn’t buy my argument that Wintel is cheaper with used equipment.  I like to buy computers in bunches and I’ve really come to love off lease corporate PC’s that get shipped by on a crate and still leave me room in my meager capital budget for other expenses.  There are tons of these PC’s around.  They are cheap, cheaper than any Mac I’ve seen on Ebay.  The only thing that comes close are the 350Mhz iMacs but with those I’d be paying for a monitor I don’t need.  I setup a lab with the exact same hardware, and ghost the harddrives and make a few modifications.  If I have any problems I take 20 minutes and ghost it again and presto back to new.  In my context the choice is clear.

There were lots of people talking about security and the need for anti-virus on Windows.  I don’t know a lot of poeple who aren’t running some kind of wireless router or something on their broadband connection.  It is hardly an extra expense with the proliferation of home networking.  It is pretty standard equipment.  I haven’t had a computer virus on a workstation of my own in several years. 

The only other OS I use is Linux.  I’ve come to like it more and more and am justing setting up a new Linux box to play with.  On the server side Linux is great.  I’m looking to setup Asterisk, an open source software PBX system (phone system).  This system (or whatever comes after it) will make a huge impact on telecom. 

  1. #1 by Darryl on July 19, 2005 - 5:29 am

    Go Leafs Go! 😉

    Good post – it’s really what you prefer. I agree Mac enthusiasts can be annoying (I guess I am one). Don’t forget that most of them started out as PC users and want everyone to convert like they did.

    I’m fine with you being a PC guy. It’s your hockey team I worry about. 😉

  2. #2 by Chris on July 19, 2005 - 9:05 am

    I think what it really comes down to is that ignorant people are annoying. No matter which side of the PC/Mac discussion you’re on, if you’re speaking from a point of ignorance then you are very frustrating to talk with.

  3. #3 by Nathan on July 19, 2005 - 11:34 am

    A friend of mine is a die hard PC guy. He used to joke that I’d eventually have a PC sitting next to my Mac. However, with going into video editing as a career, he’s found that a Mac to be more efficient for what he needs to be doing. He’ll end up being the one with two computers on his desk, not me.

    To each their own.

  4. #4 by Darryl on July 20, 2005 - 7:23 am

    Just so I can appear balanced, here’s an article on what OS X can learn from Windows:

  5. #5 by Chris on July 20, 2005 - 3:44 pm

    Hey Nathan – with Apple’s upcoming (in a year or so) switch to Intel processors you can have the best of both worlds with a dual boot platform on your Mac.

    Or LT – a triple boot with Linux, Mac and Win all on the same box without any messy Virtual PC garbage. 🙂

  6. #6 by Kevin Harms on July 20, 2005 - 8:05 pm

    I agree that buying cheep PC’s are easy. I wanted to trade in my machine for a Mac and I phoned our local Mac place and he told me my 6 month old PC was worth nothing. So that ended that deal in the making.

    Ghosting is definately an advantage, I’m not quite sure if there is something similar in the Apple world, but I do think that it doesn’t hurt to know both OS’s, their strengths, their weaknesses. Even Steve Jobs said when they release the Mac Mini that it was made to fit on top of your PC… Figure that.

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