Yes, the Emerging Church is messed up

Yes, the Emerging Church is messed up

It is easy to analyze a movement and faults and weaknesses.  It would be easy to write off evangelicalism if all one looked at was “The Prayer of Jabez”, Jack van Impe, and the Left Behind series.  The Emerging Church has positive and negative elements.  Because so many EC’ers maintain blogs it is pretty easy to pick through the rank file and find some unsavoury things.  Many of these people are hurt, bitter, relativistic, suspicious and anti-institutional. 

In most other church movements or traditions 95% of the public communication is done by leaders.  Leaders that are often very concerned about public perception.  I’ve known a number of people who had their eyes opened to the dark side of church life as soon as they became elders or pastors in a church.  A lot of the nastiness is kept quiet to protect the people involved and to protect the image of the church.  

The relative openess, authenticity and transperency of the EC reveals the real problems that people have. In my local context this has been beneficial.  For the most part people feel very accepted in the house church.  I’ve started to see people change and become more whole. 

  1. #1 by Mike Morrell on December 6, 2004 - 11:14 am

    You’ve got that right. Six years ago when I discovered house church and the internet simultaneously, I was stuck by how accessible and transparent everything was compared to the denomination I was coming out of. I could read a new book by, say, Frank Viola , and then email him about it and hear back the next day!

    This has, to a large degree, carried over to the pan-denominational church that is emerging, and I like that.

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