Andrew Coyne on the Nasty Party

Andrew Coyne nails it

Let me venture to suggest this is not accidental. If today both Harper and the party he leads are actively disliked by more than seven voters in 10, it may be because they have gone out of their way to alienate them in every conceivable way — not by their policies, or even their record, but simply by their style of governing, as over-bearing as it is under-handed, and that on a good day.

When they are not refusing to disclose what they are doing, they are giving out false information; when they allow dissenting opinions to be voiced, they smear them as unpatriotic or worse; when they open their own mouths to speak, it is to read the same moronic talking points over and over, however these may conflict with the facts, common courtesy, or their own most solemn promises.

Secretive, controlling, manipulative, crude, autocratic, vicious, unprincipled, untrustworthy, paranoid … Even by the standards of Canadian politics, it’s quite the performance. We’ve had some thuggish or dishonest governments in the past, even some corrupt ones, but never one quite so determined to arouse the public’s hostility, to so little apparent purpose. Their policy legacy may prove short-lived, but it will be hard to erase the stamp of the Nasty Party.

Perhaps, in their self-delusion, the Tories imagine this is all the fault of the Ottawa media, or the unavoidable cost of governing as Conservatives in a Liberal country. I can assure them it is not. The odium in which they are now held is well-earned, and entirely self-inflicted.

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  1. #1 by Scotty D on May 25, 2013 - 9:21 am

    I couldn’t agree more. A year or two ago I told my wife that eventually Harper’s maniacal tendencies and control-freak policies would catch up to the Cons. Even Baird was reading his response from a piece of paper that Harper wrote for him. Did you see during “At Issue” they showed clips of Harper from 2005 when he was in opposition and was criticizing the Liberal government. If he took those words and addressed them to himself he would have no alternative but to resign from politics permanently. I look forward to the day when this clown is no longer representing Canada here or abroad.

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