Canadian City Survey : Guess which one ranks highest!

We Saskatonian’s generally think where live is a great place.  A Global/Ipsos Reid poll found that over the last two years Saskatonians are the most happy with their city!  That wasn’t the only question though.  Saskatoon certainly wasn’t the best every category.  Regina is number one in a few that are worth mentioning!

Regina is #1 with the following:

My sex life is great. 
Saskatoon came in 3rd behind Montreal.

I have driven a car in the past year when I shouldn’t have because I had way too much to drink, but got away with it!
22% of Reginians admitted to drunk driving!  Montreal came in 2nd with 13%.

I feel safe walking alone in my own neighbourhood after dark.
The lowest on this one was Winnipeg.

Vancouver was tops for “there is real hunger in our home”, “I can’t afford to live here” and “I’m unemployed and not looking for work.”

A large majority of people in Halifax and Winnipeg feel their city is less safe than it used to be.

Saskatoon was highest in the following:

I have a good work life balance
Overall, my city is on the right track
My local municipal government spends my tax dollars wisely
My city is a great place to invest
My city is a great place to work
I’ve been a victim of crime in the past two years

  1. #1 by Dave King on October 17, 2011 - 6:35 pm

    Doesn’t that last one kinda undermine the other points? Or did Saskatoon get the lowest score for that one?

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