I feel a great disturbance in the force…the NDP

Obi-Wan KenIggy: I a feel a great disturbance in the force.  It’s as if a thousand Liberal voices cried out on Twitter and were suddenly silenced.

Han Donolo: Well, your can forget about our troubles with a Tory majority.  I told our attack ads on health care would outsmart them.  Anyway, we should arrive at some new polling numbers soon.

Two hours later.

Han Donolo:  It looks like we are coming up on the Angus-Reid poll results
What the…? Aw. we’ve come out of the 3rd week, some kind of poll anomaly, It’s not on any of our projected numbers.  The results are correct but there is no Liberal lead over the NDP.

Bob Raewalker: What’s going on?

Han Donolo: That’s what I’m trying to tell you kid, the Liberal lead on second place.  It ain’t their, it’s been totally blown away.

Bob Raewalker: What? How?

Obi-Wan KenIggy: Destroyed by the NDP?

Han Donolo: The entire NDP campaign couldn’t destroy the whole lead.  It’d take a thousand attack ads with more fire power than I’ve…


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