Early reflections on my first real attempt to lose weight

A few weeks ago I stepped on scale at a relative’s house.  As I watched it wrap around past 0 I realized that I’ve crossed a barrier or I’ve come very close to crossing the 300lb barrier.   I’m 6’ 6” so 300lb looks a lot trimmer on me than it would on a lot of other people but it is at least 50lbs heavier than I really should be.

Last fall my wife entered a weight losing contest at work.  A few months later and 20lbs lighter she looks fantastic.  My wife doesn’t like to lose contests.  She liked losing weight.  She used the LoseIt app for her Ipod touch.  The system is simple.  Using their database you track the calories going in and the calories burned.  If you burn more than you eat you lose weight.

It is abundantly simple.  I found a similar and perhaps and even better app called MyFitnessPal for Android (it too is available for the iPod touch/Iphone).  It does the same thing.  Both apps have corresponding websites that you can access for free.  I’m down to 292.  I’m losing weight just about as fast as the app would have projected.

Now that some people know what I’m doing I’ve discovered that some very large people feel free to give out lots of dieting advice.  Some are very pro Atkins/low carbs.  While I agree that I feel more full eating steak than eating a apple turnover with the same amount calories, I still need to burn more calories than I eat to lose weight.  I wonder if we try to over complicate a very simple equation.  If you put in more energy than you use it gets stored.  If you use more energy than you put in, it takes it from the energy store.

I’ve also discovered that moving 300lbs around burns an amazing amount of calories relative to my much smaller wife.

Cheese has an amazing amount of energy density.

Carrots and Lettuce couldn’t light up an LED.

Free chocolate cup cakes feel more like sabotage than a gift.  Sweet, delicious sabotage.  I enjoyed one today!

So far it hasn’t been terribly difficult.  The biggest change has involved what I drink more than what I eat.  That and I don’t eat ridiculous meals anymore.  No more gobbling 4 pieces of extra large pizza or getting 20 McNuggets and Fries and a Coke at McDonalds.  Sometimes I’d eat more calories in a meal than my wife should eat in a whole day.  It is easy to see how I put on about 6-8lbs a year each year for the last number of years.

Ultimately I was inspired by my wife.  I am so very proud of her.

  1. #1 by Tom on February 16, 2011 - 11:54 am

    Dough! those Chocolate cupcakes, and those brownies, and black forest cake and…….
    Hang in there Bro!

  2. #2 by Jeremy Kliever on February 21, 2011 - 5:16 pm

    Congratulations, LT! Keep it up! I have started my own weight-loss program (EA Sports Active 2 on the Wii). I wish you all the best (enjoy the odd sweet sabotage from time to time).

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