Used car shopping with my dad

Used car shopping with my dad

It’s time I sold my old gutless Cutlass Ciera.  I’m not in any hurry but I am looking for another car.  My father has been a mechanic of 30 years.  He knows his stuff.  Not only is he a great mechanic but he is also a fine negotiator.  Normally I’d be a little upset that my dad does most of the talking making me because it makes me look like a little kid.  He is just so darn good at it the hundreds of dollars I save is worth a little bit of humiliation. 

The car I drive now cost me two thirds of the asking price because of his skills.

A couple of days ago I went to check out a Grand Prix.  We showed up 10 minutes early which was very strategic.  We caught the guy trying to boost the car just before we got there.  We aren’t afraid of cars with problems.  A mechanical issue usually devalues a car far more than it costs us to fix it.  It just makes the car really cheap.  Unfortunately the Grand Prix didn’t pass the most important test of all.  The size test.  I’m 6′ 6″ and I just don’t fit in to a lot of cars.  I think it disappointed my dad because it looked like he could have had a field day with this guy.

Yesterday I checked out a car at a dealer.  The guy didn’t smell that good and he didn’t look much better.  I took the car for a test drive over to my dad.  I detected the feint clicking noise cv joints make when they are about to go.  My dad detected far more problems.  The negotiation ended when we started talking about how cars from a dealer have 30 days warranty.  The dealer said “It’s not for sale.”  It didn’t matter, because we weren’t going to give him anywhere near what he wanted for the car.  He would have much better luck getting money out of people who don’t know what to look for. 

Oh well, I’ll keep looking.

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