The case for publishing a full RSS feed

Back in the days I used to publish a partial RSS feed.  That meant those people using RSS readers would only see a teaser of my post and would have to click through to see the whole post.  Some argue that they don’t want their content divorced from their blog design, and I understand that.  However that extra click is really starting become annoying as I read blogs on devices other than my main computer, or when I’m not connected on high speed.  I love reading blogs on my smartphone, but if I have to click through to view the whole post in the browser I generally won’t.  Over The Air connections are much slower than highspeed, even on 3G networks.  Smaller screens make it much more difficult to read in a browser.  Nowadays I think everyone should consider going to a full feed unless you are trying to make money through ads.  If you don’t publish a full feed you are creating unnecessary barriers to your content.

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