I’m sensing a shift in attitude towards the Conservatives

I remember back in the 2004 campaign when I was helping out the Liberals there was a certain point when the press had finally had enough the incoherent blither blather from Paul Martin.  Even the trusty Globe and Mail could barely hold their nose and endorse Martin.  I wasn’t doing any door knocking but I can tell you that there was one week in the campaign where it got ugly for Liberals here in the city.  The only thing that saved Martin in the end was the Conservatives with their Paul Martin supports child porn release.

I think I see the same thing again only this time it is with the Conservatives.  When editorialists in the Calgary Herald and National Post start picking on poor old Stephen the mood really has changed.   There is a time when the mildly partisan voter comes to the point where they think “there just isn’t something right about this, the [insert party name here] should be better than this.”  I don’t know how many get so upset that they change their vote, they just might not show up and someone who tends to cheer for another team is more motivated to show up. 

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