ebook Readers will empower independent publishing

I’ve polished off my first two books on the Kindle.  Christless Christianity by Horton and Superfreakonomics.  Horton’s book was tough slugging at first.  I thought it was going to turn in to a diatribe about how the church just isn’t reformed enough.  When he started dissecting Joel Osteen it got better, but  it still seemed like a strained effort to make the same point again and again and again.  Superfreakonomics was a nice little mind snack.  I really enjoyed the story about how some scientists taught monkeys how to use coins as currency to get food.  When they put all the monkeys together it didn’t take long before one monkey paid another monkey a coin and proceeded to have sex.

Anyway, I got thinking about how cool it is and how easy it is to read a book on this thing.  In some ways it is even better than paper.  As I thought about it some more I realized that these books are really just files.  I wonder if just anyone could make one of these files and throw up on Amazon for sale.  The answers are yes and yes. 

Making an ebook file is easy.  There is even free software to convert from HTML or MS Word or whatever.

If you are an American you can even publish your ebook on Amazon.

I can see a real future for authors to cut out many of the people and the organizations between them and their readers.

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