Janice Stein on accountability vs. responsibility

We listened to this for house church today.  Janice is one bright lady and much of what she says is very applicable to the church.  She argues effectively that as a society we have lost the value of personal responsibility and supplanted it with a much more narrow, much more immediate desire for accountability.  We trend to try to fix problems by fixing systems rather than addressing the lack of personal responsibility.  She fears that as we depart from a values centered ethic to mere adherence to certain organizational measurable objectives we are losing touch with the big picture.

In the church this could be reflected in our fascination with things we can measure (finances, programs, buildings, membership, attendance) and neglect the less tangible but no less essential areas of character, integrity and faithfulness.  It also reflected in our myopic attention to the success of our particular organization while ignoring the state of the church in general and even our society. 

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