Cynicism and hope

I find that I am much less cynical than some of the people I know that work in Christian ministry.  At one time I was so cynical I completely gave up on church institutions.  I’m not so jaded anymore.   I’m afraid the organizations we build *can* become idols we serve at the expense of more important things.  Until I see that with my own eyes I’ll assume that any given ministry will do what they believe and believe in what they do.

I’ve run across a number of situations where I’ve been deeply disappointed in what I’ve observed.  I’ve got friends that work in Christian institutions that had less hope than I had concerning certain situations and were proven right.  I’ve got other friends that have completely rejected conventional Christian institutions that waiting for me to “see the light” and give up on the establishment. 

I haven’t though. 

One of the things I think has helped is that I really believe in what I’m doing.   When church is uncomplicated and sincere it is a lot of fun and very rewarding.  I do what I believe in and I believe in what I do.  There is this nice little pocket where I feel I can make a small but real difference.  I don’t wonder whether I’m actually accomplishing anything, nor am I carrying on with feint hope that things will get better with the next leadership change or at the end of another strategic planning process.  I’m not immersed in things that could feed my cynicism. 

It is getting harder though.  The more negative stories I hear the more heartbroken I become.  What bothers me the most isn’t that some people do stupid things, it is that some people that know better won’t stick up for their stated values or the hurting people involved.

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