More doing than thinking

I was thinking the other day about how much my blog so rarely reflects what I’m doing and going through.  I used blog lots about church but I’m kinda stuck on that topic until my the way I live my life catches up with the ideals I’ve arrived at.  As much as I enjoy thinking about things at a deeper level the concepts and ideas I wrestle with always have to connect to the world I live in.  I’m not one to deepen knowledge just for its own sake.

For me most of the questions about church have been settled, for now at least.  I doubt that I’ve arrived at the best approach but I see enough of a positive difference in people I’m pretty happy.  I don’t have this nagging feeling that I’m contributing to something so complicated it is hard to know if anything is really happening. 

Outside the realm of my church involvement I’ve been really disappointed by some people and some decisions.  If I were to go in to detail I couldn’t do it here or now.  I’ve got a number of people in my life that are much more sceptical of institutions than I am.  It is getting more difficult for me to respond with honest answers to their criticism.

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