Retail vrs Online

Being a tall guy I’m a little restricted in where I can pick up shirts and sweaters.  Pants aren’t so much a problem, especially since they can be altered.  I walked in to a local shop for men such as myself.  I had 3 pair of pants and 3 shirts.  The store wasn’t having a sale on so I asked for a discount.  I had done it before and got 20% off.  This time they refused.  If they had offered even 10% off they would have had my business.  I thought about it a bit and realized that I should check online.

I went to google and typed in canada big tall clothes.  Up came a sponsored link for Sears.  I guess they have a big and tall section in their website.   The selection is limited but to be honest with you I’m not that picky.  I found stuff for 20-35% less than the retail store.  It ships to the local store for free.  I can walk over to and pick up.  If I need to return it, I can return it to the store. 

I know where I’ll start first next time.   

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