I wish they all could be Minnesota

I’m safe and sound in a suburb of Minneapolis for what might be the longest stint I’ve ever spent in the United States.  A few observations:

  • Minnesota and Canada are more similar than many other states.  Unfortunately I haven’t found anyone who sounds like the characters in the movie Fargo. 
  • People drive bigger cars here.  In Canada the most popular cars are compact cars (Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Chevy Cobalt, Mazda3, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent).  We even have lots of sub-compact cars (Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Smart Cars) and I haven’t seen any here.  There seems to be an abundance of SUV’s but more Toyota Hybrids than I expected.
  • It is more humid than I expected.  Most places are more humid than Saskatchewan, we are pretty much in a desert.
  • When I say I’m  from the province directly north of eastern Montana it doesn’t help.  People don’t know where Montana is.
  • People here actually watch Fox News thinking they are finding out what is going on in the world. 
  • I saw a “Ron Paul was right” bumper sticker.  That was great.  Ron Paul is right about a lot of things but people aren’t listening to him.
  • The donuts I bought at the grocery store are quite tasty. 
  • Everything is cheap here now the American dollar has tanked.  I wonder if I could get some nice shoes here.
  • The people at the conference seem pretty cool.  Organic church people do like to dialogue!
  • My first session with Neil Cole was ok.  I like a lot of what Neil says but I could go without the buzzwords, and especially buzzwords converted to acronyms.  Maybe I’m a little too postmodern but I’d rather just here stories, rather than watch stories get reduced to bullet points.
  • I listened to a little N.T. Wright on the way down.  That was some sweet stuff from the Bishop.  That guy understands the nature, power and depth of narrative theology.
  • There are lots of trees and lakes in and around Minneapolis. 
  1. #1 by Bene D on June 18, 2009 - 9:45 pm

    Go a few more states southward.

    Looking for a Toyota or Nissan or compact is like playing finding Waldo.

    If you stay in a family friendly hotel you get CNN, CNN Fox and ABC Family Channel. It’s wierd, but since you are in a hotel TV isn’t a priority. Sleep and hitting the road is.

    Try to find a newspaper. Lot’s of USA Today. Lots.

    Radio, more Christian radio than you could ever listen too. They all run the same stuff I think, just at different times.

    Sit in a mall and watch people shop. It’s like money disappeared and became plastic.

    Food is usually awesome, people are warm and friendly, probably haven’t visited the state next to them, and forget trying to explain where Saskatchewan is.

    Churches on every corner. Go rural, churches at the crossroad across from the liquor store or strip parlour. The US is quite regionalized, you landed in a friendly place.

    If you get bored on the road count cell phone towers.:^)

    Have a great time.

  2. #2 by Toni on July 3, 2009 - 2:53 am

    Ah, Minnehopeless as Brits in the know call it. Yes, I can see the similarities, though the local people seemed deeply different compared to the Canadians we met on our trip over.

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