Jim Flaherty : Canada’s 50 billion dollar man!

So we are looking at a budget deficit of 50 billion dollars!  The highest deficit in the history of this country.  To be fair a deficit of some size would have been unavoidable given the current conditions.  However if we had a buffer, the kind we used to have with the Liberals that deficit would be a lot smaller.  If we hadn’t cut the GST we would be a much better position right now.

Unless we transition to a economy less dependant on oil and natural gas this cycle will just continue again.  The economy will recover, oil supplies will become tight and the price will shoot up.  Then the economy will tank again.

If only we had a simple plan that guided our economy away from non-renewable resources to more sustainable practices.

However, if we had the kind of deficit Obama is proposing Flaherty would be the 200 billion dollar man!  It feels so good to be in uber-conservative Canada instead of the pinko-communist tax and spend….oh wait minute…print money out of thin air and spend America.

That last line was for you. 🙂

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