You know it is a bad year for blogging when

You know it is bad year for blogging when you only have two posts you would want to highlight at the end of the year.  There were lots of things that distracted me from blogging.  A lot of the research and thought I would have put in to my blog ended up my new website  While I still like blogging there are just so many other things to invest in.  One of them is the people in my church.  I love my church, and I love the opportunity that I have to make a difference in the lives of people I care about. 

My two favourite posts are

The Heart of Ministry


Measuring the right things

They pretty much sum up a lot of my thinking about church.  This year I became completely disengaged with church talk. 

I am excited about the possibilities of the new website targeting covering theology.  I’m still working on a project that would see more “thoughtful Charismatics” come together and chart a way forward for Charsimatic faith.  Most of the movement has fallen in to a ditch and needs to get back on the road. is just the first step along this way.  I still have to spend some time editing the website.  I was in a hurry to get it up and I haven’t been able to sucker anybody in to proofing it for me.

There are so many other things going on my life that I wish I could talk about.

  1. #1 by Kelly on December 24, 2008 - 5:27 pm

    I agree.. two awesome posts! sometime while I’m on holidays I’ll look at that new website of yours..

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