What is democratic?

For all those people who don’t like how undemocratic it would look to have Stephane Dion as prime minister think about all the precedents that can be set by giving Harper what he wants.

Would it be democratic if the Prime Minister could prorogue parliament just to avoid losing a vote in the house of commons? No.

Would it be democratic if a minority government to put forth legislation that gives their party a substantial and tangible advantage over other parties? No.

Would it be democratic for a minority government to keep calling elections (or forcing the opposiiton to take them down) until they get a majority? No.

Would it be democratic for a minority government to ignore the wishes of the people that put them in a position to cooperate with at least one opposition party to pass legislation? No.

I don’t think PM Dion is a good idea. I don’t think a Liberal/NDP coalition is a good idea.  I don’t think a government propped up by the Bloc is a good idea.  However setting a precdent that would allow sitting Prime Ministers to avoid a confidence motion by shutting down parliament is a terrible idea.  Giving miniority governments the green light to arrange their own defeat or continually call elections until they get a majority is a horrible idea.  Ignoring the obvious failings of a government that is more interested in running their opposition off the road in a time of fiscal crisis is an outrageous idea. 


  1. #1 by Keith on December 4, 2008 - 1:13 pm

    I used to dislike American (US) Politics but the way the Canadian system works or doesn’t work has started to really make me upset. Personally I don’t agree with the whole Minority Government, I think it would be better if “your in or your out”…I understand when you end up with a Bush it isn’t always the best thing however in a minority government it seems like nothing ever gets done.
    I get a little annoyed when I keep hearing comments of how the Conservatives have done so little when everyone can clearly see that the house of commons looks like a junior high lunch room. simply put it is a gong show. The opposition and the government won’t budge either way therefore the governments hands are tied… it doesn’t matter which party I’m talking about b/c it would be the same story if the another party were the leading minority.
    I think a government needs to be able to do it’s job of governing and all these power games should be left to the appropriate election year.

    one final beef I have is when i hear the blame being tossed to Harper for the current economic situation. This “World” economic crisis is not being handled very well by anyone after all this isn’t just Canada it’s the World, which means (like “Global warming”) what happens over there will affect us over here. I really would love to see all the other parties have a crack at our economy or maybe it’s best to just leave it with the guy who has a degree in economics to do the job

  2. #2 by Keith on December 4, 2008 - 1:16 pm

    this was more in connection with the post before (jack and Gilles)

  3. #3 by Rob Kroeker on December 4, 2008 - 7:49 pm

    Well, I kinda figured somehow this would all cool off for awhile. I don’t think the hubbub will be near as exciting when the budget comes down in January. Really, Harper went for the strangle hold, and the opposition called his bluff.
    Yes, this is totally legal in our current system (this coalition idea), and sure, the “Progressives” in the 80’s were basically the “bloc” of today. So this notion that partnering with the “seperatists” is something new just doesn’t fly. Lucien Bouchard was in government at one point. The part where it doesn’t fly with me is with the Liberals and especially Dion and Bob Rae. Bob Rae no doubt had a lot to do with this whole coalition thing (re: Ontario rerun), but the idea of Dion being a prime minister of Canada is the most rediculous and un-democratic thing about all of this. If the Liberals had any legitamate leader, then I think I might be able to accept a coallition government as being democratic (not that I would support these guys).
    My guess is that somehow, the Libs will find a way to get rid of Dion before the end of January.

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