Day 1 with the Mac

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. It is a rather modest 13″ Macbook with a Core Duo processor. Similar to my Inspiron 6400 in terms of speed, it just has half the Ram, hard drive space, usb ports and “mouse buttons.”

Nice bright screen. The keyboard is adequate. I kinda like the little magnetic power adapter. It is nice to see that iTunes actually works on Mac OS. It really sucks on Vista, and I mean really sucks. I kinda miss Google Chrome, I found myself using that browser a lot. Firefox is running and it it is a bit prettier on the Mac.

Is Max OS prettier than Vista? It is more elegant, the design is a little understated. Thankfully Vista isn’t as cartoonish as XP, but does seem a little less refined than Mac OS. I don’t like the empty space on either side of the dock. I think the minimize/maximize animations are cheesy on the Mac. I really like the searchable start menu in Vista, most people don’t realize how great that is. They probably copied spotlight, but I like the way Vista does it better.

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