Forget post-modern we are headed for post-credit

As I survey the chatter among the select few emerging/post-evangelical blogs that have survived the purges of my RSS reader I see very few people considering the drastic changes that are coming to western society.  One would think that the emerging types would be all over this given how culturally relevant they try to be.  With a couple of exceptions (like here and here) they are clueless.  All the intellectual wrangling over the meaning of truth will soon be replaced by concerns over the daily essentials of life.

I’m sorry that my blog has been all doom all the time lately but I keep watching this train wreck unfold and it has really gripped my mind.  The church may proclaim to be built on the unshakeable kingdom but so much of what we do is built up on a economic system that has all the durability of a house of cards.  We have even invented new Christian consumer religion to compliment the materialism of our time.  We bought in to the idea of unlimited growth without any notion of sustainability.  It is all going to implode.

When the prophets of our time are oil billionaires, fringe political movements and environmentalists it is a sad commentary on the role of the church as a moral force.  What so much of the rest of the world has discovered is that rampant consumerism, selfish individualism, and unsustainable practices are all sin.  They are things society needs to repent of if it wants to be healthy. 

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    Maybe “emergent” blogs are missing the point, but some of the conservative Anglicans in the States (aka Episcopalians) seem to have “got it.” For example (Quoting from


    Almighty God, we come to you today with deep concerns for the stability of our economy. All across the world we are troubled by news of plunging stock markets, and the drying up of credit. We do not have to remind you that many are being affected through loss of investments, income and employment. We acknowledge that we, as a nation, have lived beyond our means for years, and have failed to be responsible about our expenditures. Many have been guilty of greed and selfishness at the expense of others. Our regulatory agencies have fallen down on the job, and permitted risky ventures.

    Give wisdom to our leaders, and the leaders of other nations. Give them the resolve to work at solving these problems. May they seek your guidance as they make decisions affecting us all. Calm the fears of those who are anxious. Help them to put their trust in you, and not in man or money. May we use this time to reorder our priorities: to put people above possessions, to seek first your direction in our lives, to find comfort and strength in your Word, to love our neighbors, and to give ourselves to your service.

    Protect us from giving into the temptation of the Enemy to despair. Give us hope to believe that “all things work together for good to those who love you.” Clothe us with the armor of God, and fill our hearts with the peace of Christ. In whose mighty sovereign name we pray. Amen.

    Ted Schroder
    October 11, 2008

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