Well, two out of three ain’t bad

Tories made good on half of election promises.  Partially fulfilled about 20%.

  1. #1 by Keith on September 30, 2008 - 7:01 pm

    Well I may be a Liberal at heart but so far I haven’t been too displeased with my vote in the other direction, not sure what happened to the accountability thingy but perhaps a majority would’ve helped if they truly have any intentions. who knows right now I’m undecided still not confident with the Liberal platform and the NDP’s (as good intentioned as it may be) is clearly a joke… that said the economy is sensitive right now and I’m not sure if the Conservatives let alone any of the parties are able to curb the effects of what’s happening down south of the border from us? arrrgh I’m gonna have to put a lot more thought into this one.

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