It is not easy being Green

I’m not sure if I ever came out and said this but I joined the Green Party some time ago.  My flirtation with Dion was a short lived one.  I feel for the guy because I think he is sincere, honest, and intelligent.  Unfortunately he is also running a campaign that would make John Turner wince.  I would rather see him as prime minister than Harper, but I’m afraid that I’m exactly the kind of person that might keep that from happening.  The polls have the Greens at 8-12% and while the Greens pull support for all parties most green supporters would shift to the Liberals.  I am part of the fractured center-left.  Am I splitting the vote to give Harper the victory?

I believe in a Carbon Tax but not much else about the Liberal plan excites me.  The Liberals have done such a poor job of explaining the carbon tax I find myself wondering how different things would be if Rae or Ignatieff were leading the Liberal charge?  Mind you if they were in charge there probably wouldn’t be a carbon tax so I’d still probably be Green.

There are things about the Green plan I wonder about.  I’m not anti-Nato or Nafta.  I’m not really comfortable with the legalization of the sweet herb as a friend likes to call it.  They care about what I care about and I really like the local green party people. 

I’m in a riding where the two main choices are the Conservatives and the NDP.  Idealogically I’m closer to the Cons than the Dips but I’ve really grown to dislike Harper.  Not that smiling Jack is high on my list either.  I can vote NDP in what is likely to be an ill-fated attempt to stop the Conservative candidate.  Voting strategically sucks just on principle, but it really sucks if my last choice candidate wins anyway. 

Do I vote with my heart or my head?

This just in…the Conservatives are Cylons (with no boomer or six).  I really like the part “some are programmed to think they are human.”

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