A banner day by 11am

A banner day by 11am

I worked all weekend so I’ve been looking forward to a nice easy monday.  I get message from Mark.  One of his sites is not working.  I check it out.  It is an easy fix.  Go to ftp in the server to fix it.  That doesn’t work.  Mmmm, not sure why.  Go to my car to drive to the office where the server is.  Car doesn’t start, the battery is dead.  Ok….grab my bike.  The front tire is a little flat.  Ride it to the nearest service station.  Go to fill up the tires.  My 3 month old bike has a special nozzle which requires an adapter to fill up the tire.  I walk my bike back home because now the front tire is completely flat.  The rain picks up and I’m soaked by the time I’m home.  I check the Internet for bus routes.  It is off season for the U of S, so no bus service to where I need to go.  I call my dad, he isn’t home.  I’m waiting for a roomate to wake up so he can boost my car.  If all else fails I’ll just walk.

I hope the rest of the day gets better. 

Update: 12:15 pm
Car started thanks to Shant Bob, I used his unlicensed beat of burden in the driveway to boost my car.  I was really nervous because the gas light was on.  If that thing ran out of gas I wouldn’t have been able to push it anywhere but down hill. 

  1. #1 by Randall on August 23, 2004 - 5:32 pm

    Man it sucks to be you these days!!

    Hope it turns around for ya bud.

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