The true world champions are about compete

The true world champions are about to compete

I think lots of Canadians like to watch the summer Olympics.  I’ve never had much interest in them.  Canada rarely does that well.  It probably has something to do with 4-6 months of winter in most of the country.  I guess that isn’t any excuse to get killed in swimming.  From what I’ve observed most people are enjoying themselves cheering against the Americans.  Where are the doped up East Germans when you need em?

There is another competition happening that many of us have taken a keen interest in.  The World cup of Hockey!  The Russians, Canada’s fiercest and most respected rival in hockey, has had a difficult time recruiting players.  The Americans won in 1996, a year that will live in infamy!  Fortunately for us, the team hasn’t changed enough from 8 years ago to be much of a concern.  After looking at the Czechs and the Slovaks I sure am glad those guys aren’t the same country anymore.  That leaves Sweden.  Sweden is stacked.  They have one major weakness.  There best goalie is the Maple Leaf’s backup, and the guy they will likely start is Tommy Salo.  When you aren’t good enough for the Oilers, you know your career is just about over. 

Look for the amazing Jarome Iginla to lead the Flames…I mean Canada’s team to world cup glory!  I just hope Kipper doesn’t back stop the Fins like he did the Flames and carry his team to the final!

  1. #1 by scotty on August 21, 2004 - 8:04 am

    Canada has enough depth to put two teams into the competition. And yes, I fear the Swedes. Their players play a more “Canadian” game than the other European countries. If their goalie gets on a run, they could give Canada a lot of trouble. Sundin centering Nas(gul)lund and Forsberg – scary.

    But we really are stacked and have a good chunk of young blood entering the mix. I can’t wait.

  2. #2 by Carol on August 21, 2004 - 8:58 am

    You get us all hyped up about the World Cup and then you don’t even tell us when it begins. I’d completely forgotten about the World Cup, but I would like to watch it, whenever that is.

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