Natural Gas Prices

Here in Saskatchewan we are somewhat shielded from the wild fluctuations of the price of natural gas in the markets. If I did my conversions correct we pay about $7 per 1000 cubic feet of natural gas. Currently the market price is $10. CIBC chief economist believes that the price of oil and natural gas is only going to go higher in the future.  SaskEnergy purchases natural gas on the market and resells it at cost to Saskatchewan consumers.  If the price of natural gas doesn’t settle from its current highs this fall we are looking at least a 30% increase in on our SaskEnergy bill. 

If you have the time and money it is time to insulate your house or upgrade to a high efficiency furnace.  Geothermal is becoming a much more viable option.  Right now the cost of heating your home using geothermal in Saskatchewan is less expensive than high efficiency natural gas.  High-efficiency natural gas is much cheaper to install.  However if you add 30-40% on to your natural gas bill it starts to get more competitive.  All things considered it cheaper to retain heat than it is to generate it regardless of the source.

If you are a homeowner get the EnerGuide for homes audit and start working.

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