Bene’s blog summary on the Cadman affair Cadscam

Bene is offering up some good coverage on the allegations that the Cons tried to buy off Cadman.  Ahh yes, the noble Conservatives who were so outraged at the lack of accountability in the previous Liberal government.

I found this juicy bit in the comments on a Globe article.

Even if this was to support Mr. Cadman’s future campaign, as has been claimed, it is still rightly illegal.

‘Another form of bribery occurs when someone contributes to the electoral fund of a member in return for a contract or other benefit. Since all members of the House of Commons are elected, the funding of political parties and candidates is an important aspect of every election. Where contributions are made with the expectation of future advantage, the behaviour is dealt with in the Criminal Code. The Code prohibits anyone from giving any valuable consideration for the purpose of promoting the election of a candidate, or a party, to Parliament or to the legislature of a province in order to obtain or retain a contract with government[20].’

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    Good find LT!

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