There is no such thing as a perfect church?

When pointing out faults in the church one invariably receives a handful of different responses.  None of which adequately deal with the challenges put forward.

Reaction #1) There is no such thing as a perfect church

Reaction #2) God loves the church

Reaction #3) God is working in the church

Reaction #4) We should think more positively

What they are really saying

Reaction #1)

No change that we could attempt would result in anything significantly better than what we have so we might as well not bother trying.

Reaction #2)

God loves the church and has never been concerned with truth, justice or spiritual darkness in the world. 

Reaction #3)

We don’t have to worry about fruit in our lives because God is going to take care of it all.

Reaction #4)

Negative thinking gets people critical and depressed, if we think positively and apply enough energy in this direction everything will change.

My response #1)

We can be better, we are called to be better, we were better in the past, we are being held back by our lack of corporate and personal repentance.

My Response #2)

God also loves the world, the lost, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the outcast and we expects us to love whom he loves not spending most of our time entertaining ourselves.

My response #3)

God is always working but we are not responding, if we continue to serve ourselves in comfort we miss the opportunity to work with God to bring light and truth.

My response #4)

Read Jeremiah.  Read Matthew 23.  Read Revelation. Read all the parables about producing fruit, or earning talents, or the difference between sheep and goats.  We are called to make a difference, how can we know we are making a difference if we can’t honestly evaluate ourselves.

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