Good Bye Larry

Larry Norman died of heart failure on Sunday.  Larry was genuine and honest.  He wasn’t afraid to sing about the darkness and pain in his life.  Those two things alone put him miles above what passes for contemporary Christian music in these days. You will be missed Larry.  I guess we got to learn to live without you.

  1. #1 by Scotty D on February 28, 2008 - 9:41 am

    A sad day. Larry did so much for Christian music and for people in general. Even back in the 70s he was disturbed by the direction of the Christan music industry. Most of today’s money-making stuff must have really made him shake his head. Like you said, he had the guts to sing about real pain and real life and even sang perhaps his most political song at the white house for Jimmy Carter (questioning foreign policy and ignoring the poor here to kill people overseas). How many of today’s “artists” would do that? I guess only the Dixie Chicks. And Larry refused to play the games, to join in with the politics, to water down the message to sell a few more albums. He didn’t have the looks, he wasn’t the greatest singer but his songwriting, passion and genuine love of anyone he met were incredible. Thanks for posting this LT.

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