Does your blog ever feel heavy?

Do you have lots of things to say but when it comes down to writing it your fingers are too heavy to type them out.  A lot of what I’ve been processing is in my basement.  I’ve been doing lots of upgrades around the house.  Most of my basement had no insulation to speak of.  Now half of it has something and it is definitely warmer than before.  It was an incredible amount of working tearing down all the layers of the old walls.  It was good honest work that comes with a strong sense of accomplishment.  I’m somewhat motivated by winter itself.  I know that each room I finish is going to drop my natural gas bill even more.

I feel a certain aimlessness about my blog.  I don’t enjoy pontificating about church issues much anymore…mostly because I think our main issues go much deeper than how we organize ourselves.  It is really hard for me to read blogs that continually talk about church stuff.  My other main interests fall under the environment and energy and both of issues can be so darn depressing.  When someone gets me talking about all I’ve learned on those two subjects I usually ruin someone’s day.

I was doing some research for another post and I cam across the growing field of Near Death Experiences.  There are a couple of websites that contain the accounts of people who believe they died, experienced something and came back.  Some of the accounts are surprisingly consistent with Christian theology and some come across sounding "new agey."  Is that a word?  Anyway…Because some of these accounts offer a profound perspective on life  it has forced me to think through some of the things Jesus said.  Listing to a novel perspective, even if it is flawed, can challenge one to think through things from a different angle.  At the very least I’ve been thinking more about whether the actions in my life are actions of love.  I’ve been thinking a bit more about a few occasions where I said accurate things harshly with a desire to hurt more than heal.  In the past I always thought anything can be said regardless of motives as long as it is true.  I’m not so sure of that anymore.

  1. #1 by Randall on December 19, 2007 - 7:57 am

    Sounds like you are pressing through some of the deeper things of life LT.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your story here, I appreciate it.

    It helps me today.


  2. #2 by Darryl on December 19, 2007 - 8:29 am

    Great post, LT. Miss you!

  3. #3 by sarah on December 19, 2007 - 10:46 am

    I’m sorry, I didn’t actually read this post, but I read the post on being “politically incorrect” and I had to share my thoughts…

    To be honest, we have moved away from the traditional way of life too much. our society needs mothers, and we are the weaker vessel. I don’t take offense to that. When I need something moved, Joe can move it in a flash, he’s stronger…DUH! The facts of men being stronger than women are obvious. Why don’t we just embrace the way God made us? The feminist movement has taken away the identity as women, the way God created us! I love being a helper to Joe. It’s my role in our marriage. I’m not sure where you stand, I’m not really saying this to you, just expressing my thoughts.

  4. #4 by Leighton Tebay on December 19, 2007 - 11:19 am

    Hi Sarah

    I’m assuming you are talking about the previous post with the “Chef.” I believe that the Post-WWII family unit (mom at home, dad working) certainly has its merits and I believe men and women are distinct and tend to have different kinds of strengths. I do struggle when people use scripture to mold everyone woman or man in to a role the don’t fit in. To put it plainly there are exceptions to each rule. Some wives are stronger than their husbands.

    The difficulty in returning to a “traditional way of life” lies in picking which tradition. Switch cultures and you see an entire family living together. You have parents arranging your marriage. Go back in to history and we see fathers apprenticing their sons in their trade. People couldn’t just pick what they wanted to do in life.

    My point in bringing up all these other traditional ways of life is to say we can’t take the predominate form of family life in North America from 1950-1980 and say that is way God designed families to be. That would be reading our cultural values in to scripture.

    It is true that in the creation account God created Eve to be a helpmate to Adam, but God also calls himself a helpmate as well.

    There is another part of the creation account that does speak to the status of women in relationship to men and that is in the consequences of the fall where God said that a woman’s desire will be for her husband but her husband will rule over her. This situation is definitely a negative consequence along with weeds and painful childbirth.

    I think each person needs to find what they are created to do and do it selflessly in love, but I don’t think that looks the same for each person.

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