My take on election day

Yesterday I was talking to a dyed in the wool conservative about who is going to win the election.  I’d be surprised if the NDP won more than 15 seats and I’m very sure the Saskatchewan Party is going to win by a landslide.  While I am very sure of Brad Wall’s victory my conservative friend is not.  I think being a strong conservative in Canadian politics is like cheering for the Leafs.  The conservatives in this country have been disappointed so many times that they almost expect something to blow up for them. 

Saskatoon is normally an island of NDP orange surrounded by a sea of SaskParty green.  I’ll be watching to see how much the green sea rises.  I’m interested in seeing if the Liberals can pick up Saskatoon Meewasin and Saskatoon North West.  Ryan Androsoff is running in North West and as the only politician on my blogroll I’ll be cheering for him.  I hope Karwacki wins in Meewasin. 

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