Can we get the election over with now?

I spent some time on the CBC election blogs today.  On the loonie left we have someone who can’t get passed the fact that Grant Devine and Brad Wall probably saw each other in a hallway.  In the blogger’s mind the Devine era was "pure hell" where the "rich got richer and the poor got poorer".  Now I have no love for the Devine government but his problems didn’t have anything to do with a lack of concern for Saskatchewan people.  You can argue he butchered the civil service, surrounded himself with folks that could have been a bit brighter and spent way more money than he should have but he was no heartless conservative.  His main problem was that he wasn’t conservative enough on fiscal matters.

Lets slide on over to the right where the man from Rosetown comments on the lack of NDP and Liberal lawn signs in his town.  He then goes on to blame the NDP government for all the hospital closings and school closings while new superstores go up in Saskatoon and Regina.  What the heck does the government have to do with whether a Sobey’s opens up at Preston Crossing?  Why do people who vote for right wing parties expect the government to make sure they have grocery stores?  Wouldn’t that kind of government be far left of the current NDP?

The Rosetown man tries to help us understand his discontent by using the example of the Liberals pandering to Ontario and Quebec.  I’m still at a loss as to figure out how we were so poorly treated under the Chretien/Martin Liberals.  I guess there was the gun registry.  The government wanted people to fill out forms and spend money.  Don’t forget registration really means confiscation.  So many times I’ve heard someone start ranting about their western discontent and watch others nod in agreement.  I’ve yet to find someone to articulate a bona fide reason for that discontent.  I think the real western discontent is that Ontario voted for the people that won and so often we voted for the people that lost.  The actual pandering to Quebec started up again just recently but that doesn’t count because the folks doing it are the ones we voted for.

Among the real politicians the debate is up a notch from the mindless banter on the CBC but it is no more inspiring.  We have 3 parties jumping over each other to find the center with no real issues to define the campaign.  The NDP have tried to make the campaign about the evils of Brad Wall and it isn’t working.  It is interesting to listen to people who have drunk the NDP kool aid but only in the way watching a car accident is entertaining.  The NDP seem like they are sure of one thing, they need to win. 

The SaskParty hasn’t done much to inspire either but I’m not sure if they were in a position to be bold on policy.  Knowing the NDP would try to label them as scary they have kept things pretty tame.  When a PST cut on used cars is a major plank of your policy you aren’t running a bold campaign.  What is more sad that NDP actually responded to this promise with the assertion that this will increase the cost of new cars when you trade in a used car for a new one.   What the????  The SaskParty knows they can cruise to victory as long as they don’t do something stupid and they have played this right the whole way through. 

I do like some of the Liberal policy ideas.  I do like the shift on property taxes and not-for-profit surgical centers but sadly no one is really taking the Liberals seriously.  With my friends I’ve mused about voting Liberal and more than once I’ve been told not to "waste" my vote.  I am really disappointed in their environmental policy.  Their only major push is curb side recycling which Saskatoon is already moving towards anyway. 

What would I have liked to see discussed?
A carbon tax, investments in affordable housing, massive investment in renewable energy, funding for increased public transportation, real health care reform, poor health and poverty among first nations people on and off reserve, and electoral reform. 

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