Lynae barfed on the SaskParty

I just had a SaskParty flunky BSing me about the NDP’s strategy to burn more coal and how their wind power strategy is 10 years old.  I didn’t bother to point out how the NDP’s coal strategy was a "clean coal" plant and it had been scrapped in favour of new natural gas generation.  Nor did I mention that the the latest wind power project one came on stream in 2006. They are actively working towards adding more "Environmentally Preferred Power."

The flunky might have done better if he pointed out the SaskParty’s actual environmental plan.  They promise to honor all the targets the NDP have set.  They even promise low interest loans for geothermal installations and green power generation.  So…..their environmental plan, which seemed non-existent a little while ago isn’t that bad.  The Liberals have yet to reveal any environmental policy at all.

Lynae was playing with the little SaskParty brochure that I received from the flunky and promptly upchucked on it.  I’m not sure my opinion is much better.  There is a pretty good chance they are going to form government.  At least they have elevated themselves to the standard of the NDP on the environment which is to say the right things.  I’m naturally suspicious of the SaskParty’s sincerity but the NDP have proven themselves to be insincere.

Feel free to check out my evening rant that became

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