A friend lent me his Heroes Season One DVD set to watch on my way to Abottsford last week.  I had watched an episode in the middle of the season and it didn’t make an impression.  After watching it from the beginning was hooked.  I really love this show.  I had been feeling pretty down about some things going on in the world.  Heroes has inspired me, at least some of the characters in Heroes have kind of inspired me.  One thing I like about these characters is they are real and they are flawed.  The show doesn’t follow the typical good guy/bad guy formula.  Some characters are bad, some are really bad, some are conflicted, some are good, and some are sacrificially noble. 

I think we need stories of good, noble people willing to down their lives for others.  It is good to be reminded of what we can be if we could just see past ourselves. 

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