Federal Greens pass NDP in Quebec, tied in Ontario

This poll is a little bit old but it looks the Greens have become real player in Canadian politics.

The Conservatives have still made gains in Quebec, where the Liberals have shown a drop in support. The Greens, meanwhile, are now ahead of the NDP in the province (percentage-point change from an Aug. 10-12 poll in brackets):

  • Bloc Quebecois: 37 per cent (same)
  • Conservatives: 26 per cent (+5)
  • Liberals: 17 per cent (-7)
  • Green Party: 12 per cent (+3)
  • NDP: 9 per cent (same)

In vote-rich Ontario, the Liberals continue to maintain their lead over the Conservatives, while the NDP and Greens are now tied (percentage-point change from an Aug. 10-12 poll in brackets):

  • Liberals: 40 per cent (same)
  • Conservatives: 33 per cent (-2)
  • NDP: 14 per cent (-3)
  • Green Party: 14 per cent (+6)

From CTV

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