Jake's on 21st has Wifi

Jake’s on 21st has Wifi

If you are looking for free Wifi in Saskatoon go to Jake’s on 21st in between 3rd and 4th ave.  Good healthy food and wireless Internet access.  It couldn’t get any better.  I hope they put out some deck chairs in the summer.

  1. #1 by chris on February 27, 2004 - 4:18 pm

    Great to hear!

  2. #2 by Beck on February 28, 2004 - 10:59 am

    What the heck is Wifi?

  3. #3 by Jordon Cooper on February 28, 2004 - 1:11 pm

    Sweet, wonderful, life giving wifi. (bursts out into dance)

  4. #4 by chris on February 28, 2004 - 1:27 pm

    Wireless Fidelity…. what does Wifi stand for really?

    From Definition.com – The term was invented by the marketing departments of wi-fi equipment manufacturers. It is, notionally, short for”wireless fidelity”, on the analogy of hi-fi for “high

    fidelity” audio.

    I know it to be wireless network/internet access – as in without plugs.

  5. #5 by Nathan on February 29, 2004 - 9:38 pm

    Jordon dances?

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