Vacation day 5: Get sick

Vacation day 5: Get sick

In a strange twist of events I was overcome with drowsiness just around 1pm.  I lie down and my temperature goes way up and I get chills.  I sleep for most of the afternoon feeling terribly cold  and weak.  I wake up and manage to put some food in me.  I take some ibuprofen.  Eat some more food.  Some strength returns.  I rent a movie because I was too disoriented to read or think.  I start peeling off clothes because suddenly I’m too hot and start sweating bullets.  By the time the movie is done I’m fine.  Weird.  I thank God for his grace and ibuprofen. 


  1. #1 by Jadon on July 27, 2004 - 8:21 pm

    That’s been me most of the summer already. I’m glad I’m not the only one…

  2. #2 by Randall on July 27, 2004 - 9:32 pm

    Um, what did you have for lunch?

  3. #3 by becky on July 27, 2004 - 11:11 pm

    Hey you. No getting sick! Fun time at the lake won’t be as fun with a sick LT. I’m glad you’re better, though.

  4. #4 by Dave King on July 28, 2004 - 9:11 pm

    Yeah, what are Mike and I going to do if you get sick. I’ve been sick enough for you, trust me I had it covered.

    – Peace

  5. #5 by Bene Diction on July 29, 2004 - 11:08 pm

    Get bitten by a mosquito LT?

    I’m serious, 20 percent of us will have a case of West Nile fever.

    Take care of yourself, okay?

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