Had a great walk and talk with Jer Olson

Had a great walk and talk with Jer Olson

I feel like my camping trip has already begun.  I spent 3 hours with Jer.  We went for lunch and a long walk along the river and through my neighbourhood.  Jer has changed, and in some very good ways he hasn’t changed.  Jer has gone through a spiritual transformation.  He has been healed from some stuff and freed from some other stuff.  It was a little bit weird hearing him talk using “charismatic” lingo. 

My profile on this site does say that I reflect charismatic influences.  I know Christ in a deep experiential way, and I believe that this experience is not for the few but for all.  Those that don’t know God in a emotional, spiritual, life transforming way should seek after God because they are missing something.  Scripture screams this point.  Paul talks incessantly about God’s great power working in our lives. 

At times I’ve been very put off by some elements of the whole charismatic movement.  The cult of personalities, the ignorance of addressing tangible needs while focusing completely on intercession, and most of all I hate the flaky people, bad theology and oppressive self involved leaders.  Despite all this the church has a lot to learn from people who simply know and love Jesus for who He is and what he has done.  We need the Holy Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit that fuels the church.  Without the Spirit we have no gas.

A great trap we have fallen in to is ignorance.  We assume that all there is to Christianity is what we have experienced.  What we need to do is go to the word humbly to seek out the aspects of the Christian life that we are missing.  Some people and movements have done this and then they stop and think they have arrived, but they haven’t.  No one has.  The church had more influence on society than society did on it many times throughout history, and now is not one of those times.  The Wesleyans had something we don’t.  The Anabaptists had something we don’t.  The underground church in China had something we don’t.  They had leaders, and structures and churches and they all took various forms and they all worked.  The question is what did they have that we don’t?

When Jer left I told him that Jesus tells us no student is better than their master.  Today we are students of students of students of students and we are generations away from the master.  If we want to become what God has called us to become we have to return to the master. 

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