Good chat with Jordon

Good chat with Jordon
Today I picked Jordon up at the airport.  He was greeted by the nastiest weather we’ve had in years.  A couple of people have asked how things are going.  In the lastest round of blog warfare Jordon and I came out on opposite sides.  I wasn’t for a second worried about our friendship and neither did he.  As we talked some of that out I think we concluded that our positions on what is right for leaders to do with people of the opposite gender were very similar.  If there was any disagreement it probably had more to do with our interpretation of some of the comments found on his weblog.  I felt some of those commenters were misinterpeted, he didn’t. 

Jordon, Mark and Scott are my best friends right now and I care a great deal about all of them.  I don’t think the way Jordon has been mocked around the weblogs is fair.  People don’t understand what goes on outside of the and the comments.  There are the emails, the instant messages, phone calls and face to face conversations that people don’t see.  These can be much nastier than what we see on the screen.

In the blog world people talk about the A list, but there is a definite B list and Jordon is on it.  When you hit the B list you become a target for everyone with an opinion.  This just adds to the pressure and the scrutiny.  When you crank up the pressure things become that much more difficult.  I’m not saying Jordon couldn’t have done things differently at times. But I also can’t say I know that I could handle things as well as he does. 

  1. #1 by Randall on January 31, 2004 - 3:48 pm

    Hey Leighton, thanks for posting that.

    I don’t think most people have a sense of all the other stuff that goes on, behind the screen.

    I’ve been wondering if that’s not one of the weaknesses of Blogs.

    We write and write, back and forth, and we may think we are communicating well. But we miss things.

    And we get to thinking we know each other, by our typed words, when we really don’t.

    Oh, we get pictures and images and senses of one anothers likes and dislikes. But to really break it down, we may need to share a couple of pizza’s together, or a weekend at the lake.

    If all I knew of you and Jordon was by your blogs, I think the image would be stunted, and so could be our relationship, (If there was one at all).

    But I know you guys to eat with you and pray with you and horse around on a houseboat for a day with you. And that just makes a lot of difference.

    I think this may just be a call for more bloggers to eat pizza with other bloggers (Or whatever their poison). To risk meeting face to face, and see what they find there.

    And have a great week LT, putting faces on bloggers. I’ll be thinking about you guys.

  2. #2 by robbymac on January 31, 2004 - 4:20 pm


    There’s “A lists” & “B Lists” in blogdom? A pecking order? People to please, appease, and cater to?

    God save us from the same things that make institutional church such a drag…

  3. #3 by Toni on January 31, 2004 - 6:16 pm

    As one of those (probably the one) that lit this particular fire, I’m sorry Jordon has come out this way. It’s very hard to stand up and actually say something without a bunch of people leaping on you from somewhere, as all this proves. I guess too he’s been the victim of his blog’s success.

    I’d certainly like to be able to follow Randalls example and meet, eat and talk with you guys. I just have a growing feeling that we’re a lot further apart on some issues than I’d have thought possible, and that makes me sad.

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