This paper and pen thing is a passing fad

 This paper and pen thing is a passing fad
Today I went through this terrible trial. There is a problem with our Centrex Data Services line at the college so we haven’t had Internet for the last 36 hours or so. I finished some work and I needed to relay a message to someone else on staff. Email wasn’t an option. So I was lost. How do you send information to someone else. I had to use this different technology called the memo.

I had to go all the way to the reception office. They have these little blue pieces of paper. I can’t use other paper, it has to be the blue memo paper. This memo had so many complicated steps. I needed to write my name and the date on there. I wasn’t sure how to do that. I had to check the date. Writing with my hand wasn’t easy. But I struggled through it. There was no spell checker. Then I needed to look up the mail box number.. Another complicated step in a complicated process. Then I had to find the mail slot with the corresponding number. I’m sure paper doesn’t like me. The pens keep running out ink all the time. I’m paper illiterate, they shouldn’t expect me to learn this whole complicated system of pen, paper, memos and mailboxes. This writing is just a passing fad. Paper is just so impersonal. The world was a better place before we had all these fancy pieces of paper and pens. I hate writing.

  1. #1 by little bear on October 28, 2003 - 9:39 pm


    it’s true. It’s so true.

  2. #2 by Angela on October 28, 2003 - 10:55 pm

    I actually love writing letters. I find it so much more personal.

    And your humour reminds me of someone I know. Thanks for giving me that nice thought, although you had no clue. 🙂 Actually made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  3. #3 by Randall on October 29, 2003 - 6:39 am

    …take up your cross daily.

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