Calvert, Hermanson, or Karwacki

Calvert, Hermanson, or Karwacki
Tonight I watched Calvert, Hermanson, and Karwacki interviewed on the Global network.  Here are my reflections.

Lorne Calvert – Current Leader
Lorne did very well in his interview.  He came across articulate and intelligent.  He defended the NDP’s perspective on Hermanson and crown corporations very well.  He answered the questions well and showed the most poise.  My impression of Calvert improved.

One of Calverts promises is the lowest utility rates in Canada.  One of the interviewers commented that NDP policy seemed uninspiring.  We already have low utility bills.  I can’t see how another 10% off is going to bring people here.  It was a good point. The NDP don’t seem to have a grand vision for the province.

Elwin Hermanson – Opposition Leader
Elwin did not do well in his interview.  At times he seemed flustered.  He did not answer questions well and seemed to be dodging them.  At one moment he said he was open to certain kinds of offers on the crowns and then said he wasn’t open to offers he was open to partnerships.  I honestly believe he was being consistent in the interview, he just chose the wrong words.

Elwin promised that tax cuts would create growth.  I do believe that some moderate tax relief for small businesses would be a good idea.  However the government deficit makes tax cuts impossible until growth in the economy floats government coffers to a reasonable level.  It seemed obvious some spending cuts would be necessary to make tax cuts possible within a balanced budget.  When questioned on this Elwin could only name out of province investments by crown corporations as a target for spending cuts.  That seemed like a poor answer to me because as far I know the out of province crown investments have earned just as much money as they have lost.  

David Karwacki
David did very well.  He came across intelligent and articulate as well.  He also offered fair criticism of the current property tax system, crown corporations working against local business, and the negative nature of the other 2 campaigns.  As one who has a business in website development and hosting I don’t like the fact that the company I get my cell phone and Internet service from competes with me in my core business. 

The only downside to Karwacki is that he is well behind in the polls.  I am still leaning heavily towards Karwacki at this point.  Our current government doesn’t have much vision, and we could use a change.  The Liberals have a real plan with some business sense.

Immediately after the interviews the phone rang.  Scotty answered “Vote Karwacki” and I started laughing so hard a fell over on to the couch. 

  1. #1 by Jadon on October 28, 2003 - 5:41 pm

    Yeah…Karwacki seems to actually listen to people and consider new or different ideas, even for industry. I say, “Screw the others! Vote Liberal!”

    The debate will be interesting…

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