Teaching takes a lot out of me

Teaching takes a lot out of me
There is a definite pattern I go through when I teach.  I start off nervous, especially if I haven’t taught in awhile.  Then slowly I warm up.  The better I know the material the quicker I become comfortable with the class.  There are times when real heart felt emotion and passion just kind of slides through.  I’ll just be going on and I will just slide in to a very fluid mode and I feel like I’ve become this conduit for God’s Spirit.  Those are the best classes, but man I feel wiped after them. 

I’m not one to hide much, and may be too careless with my disregard for my image.  I often talk about my failures and struggles and I don’t generally care if I look stupid.   Sometimes that sinks me and I lose my audience.  Being authentic is great when I’ve earned the trust from my hearers, it doesn’t work so well when I haven’t earned that trust.  

  1. #1 by robbymac on September 23, 2003 - 8:56 pm

    And first year Bible college students are well-known for thinking they know pretty much everything already.

    I like that you’re modelling honesty and sharing your weaknesses and struggles. Some of the students will “get it” — kinda of like some people hearing but never hearing, but some have “ears to hear” and they do.

    Gone on ya, LT!

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